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All the expertise at your fingertips

Have a question? Need help on a precise subject ? Supermonday finds and solicits for you the competent person to enlighten you. A “humanized” exchange of know-how that creates cohesion and a spirit of mutual aid within the company.

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For anyone who wants to learn (or who believes that others can teach them things)

Peer-learning is the “human-to-human” knowledge sharing feature in the workplace. To get all the answers that AI can’t give you. In addition, this “humanized” exchange of skills creates cohesion, a spirit of mutual aid and a collective dynamic in the company.

Richard has hard time with Excel. No matter how many times he reads and rereads the explanations and tutorials on “how to make dynamic tables on Excel”, he just can’t do it. Thanks to Supermonday, he quickly managed to find the Excel expert and the common time slot for this exchange in Teams.

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