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Gain in efficiency

At last, simplify the planning of your most complex meetings. Both with internal and external participants, Supermonday will always provide you with the best time slot.

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51% of employees in France say it is difficult to find a common time slot and it often takes hours…🕔​

Complex meetings

For all meeting organizers: managers, project leaders, assistants, crossfunctional staff...

Organize your complex meetings in a flash!​

Choose a duration and a range of dates, invite internal or external participants and Supermonday proposes the best remote or face-to-face slots (room reservations) according to your availability and that of your participants. On top of that, Supermonday is attentive to respect everyone’s preferences: time between two meetings, time preferences..

Alexandre, project manager, determined the 3 most convenient time slots to gather his committee with co-workers and external service providers. A total of 11 participants to bring together located in 3 different time zones.

1:1 meetings

For all meeting organizers: managers, project managers, assistants, cross-functional staff...

For you or for others, schedule multiple 1:1 meetings in a few clicks.​

Use Supermonday to plan your project meetings, individual interviews, training sessions or the onboarding of your new employees in just 2 minutes (even at the last minute 😉).

The HR manager Mary organized the onboarding process for the 4 new recruits. In total, 72 one-to-one meetings were scheduled over 3 months with different internal contacts.

Supermonday provides instantly with the best slots :

  • depending on the availability of the participants
  • respecting individual work and break times
  • taking into account the time zones in the search for common availabilities,
  • and if a participant declines at the last minute, Supermonday automatically reschedules a new slot on a new date! We told you: it’s magic!


We told you: it’s magic!

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